Discover our upgrade options like the Advance- , Enterprice- and Milleniumversion of the KEILSTOP®-system. With several special features the interfaces between control systems and Yard-Management-systems can be reallized.

KEILSTOP® Basic-Version:

The innovative wheel chock secures lorries from rolling away by easily being positioned under the wheel. With electrical sensor technology it is ensured that the chock is in the right position. If this is not the case, not only a signal light outside the building is blinking, also an acoustic signal goes off. A coupling or combination with the gate control or leveller is possible. The basic version can also be combined with a detection of a semi-trailer support.

KEILSTOP® Advanced-Version:

The advanced version has an additional key switch, which allows persons in charge to open the door without the chock. There are two options: a controlled part opening of the gate for fresh air in summer and a complete opening for maintenance and service works.

KEILSTOP® Enterprise-Version:

The Enterprise version sends data to the control panel with the web interface Wlan / Lan for statistical evaluation. A graphical demonstration of the gate as well as the actual status are shown and registered. The collected figures provide information on the times of loading and unloading. Furthermore incidents are documented in a better way.

KEILSTOP® Millenium-Version:

The Millennium version offers an interface to yard-management systems. This enables an individual configuration possibility of the systems from the control panel. The interfaces are based on TCP/IP. An individual customization of the protocols to a superior software is possible.

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