KEILSTOP® Innovative, stable safety and security at your loading ramp

With our innovative system, which easily prevents unintended rolling away of lorries and trailers: KEILSTOP®. Minimize the risk of accidents during loading and unloading and establish best conditions for your employees.

 We like to reveal to you how KEILSTOP® functions and which benefits this system offers for you. The innovative wheel chock secures lorries from rolling away by easily being positioned under the wheel. With the help of sensor technology it is ensured that the chock is in the right position. If this is not the case, not only a signal light outside the building is blinking, also an acoustic signal goes off – for example when opening the gates. The result: stable safety and security!

Safety while operating at loading ramps has first priority!

KEILSTOP® A Product of the MY Intralogistik

The MY Intralogistik has a good reputation for intelligent and economic solustions in the intralogistik. The performances comprise the installation of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) and safety systems for forklift trucks. Impact protection elements as for example impact protection and shock protection for doors, walls and edges as well as persons. MY Intralogistik offers the KEILSTOP®-system as an excellent supplement for more security for loading ramps while loading and unloading lorries, swap trailers and trailers.

MY Intralogistik offers the following areas of operation:

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